Dancing with Delphiniums

Photo Credit: Jack Arts campaign for the V&A, Tim Walker: Wonderful Things “How does your body want to be supported?” Addie asked me at the start of this training session. As I felt into my body what came was “the space around me: my space”. I looked around the room. I became aware that my … Continue reading “Dancing with Delphiniums”

Site Map

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Focusing with One’s Body

Photo Credit: Michael Lux The Creative Little Garden NYC As part of our Trainers’ Corner, we are offering a series of short training videos. The videos demonstrate what happens in a Wholebody Focusing session. This first clip is from a session between Kevin McEvenue and Diana Scalera. It is from the end of a meeting … Continue reading “Focusing with One’s Body”

The Dance of Life

Not only is my body getting the nourishment and loving connection it so needed, what is also different is my body now can take it in, absorb it, digest it, grow from it. In retrospect, five years ago,

Noticing When Something New is Her

“How do we know that Wholebody focusing works at all?” It is in noticing that something new is showing up in one’s life or that something is showing up more than it did before.

The Worst Has Passed/Il peggio è passato

Photo Credit: Michael Lux – Sitting in a bar in Rome watching Italian soccer What happens when we become disconnected from all or part of our families of origin, our languages, or our culture?  How does it live in our bodies? I’ve had much time to be with this. All four of my grandparents were … Continue reading “The Worst Has Passed/Il peggio è passato”

The Release of Suffering: Three Stories and the Observer Effect

The stories connect to the Observer Effect in some way. They are also connected to being able to trust that there is some knowledge beyond our thoughts that can guide us if we let it.

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