2nd International Wholebody Focusing Retreat

We hope you have been well since our Wholebody Focusing gathering in Barrie Ontario last August. That retreat was a unique and very special experience. We heard many wonderful and touching stories from you:

“This Gathering was a great success” “hugworthy thank-you’s to the whole team for bringing it to us, and carrying us all the way through our spectacularly fruitful shared experience” “Thank you for your love and care in all you did for our gathering”

 Now we’re getting ready to do it again!

Thanks to Ana Simeon’s efforts, we’re excited to announce that we have a beautiful location for our next retreat. We’re heading to the West Coast,Vancouver Island. We all felt strongly that it was important to find a place in nature, in the presence of trees and water, supporting and encouraging us to be in Grounded Presence. Another consideration was making sure the retreat was financially affordable and geographically accessible.

Bethlehem Centre, a non-denominational spiritual retreat centre, is located on Vancouver Island. Nature abounds – whether you prefer quiet reflection on a garden bench, a birding walk along ponds and forested paths, or a vigorous lake swim. July on Vancouver Island is usually sunny with cooling ocean breezes. Meals feature fruits and vegetables grown on-site, and special diets (including gluten- and dairy-free and vegetarian) are accommodated.

To maintain the sense of intimacy and connection amongst us, we are limiting the number of attendees.

As a past participant, you can take advantage of special early-bird rates: $450 tuition ($100 discount from last year): and room and board: $140/night for a shared room or $180/night for a single. All you need to do now is pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your space at this special rate. Please go to this link: tinyurl.com/2020-wbf-retreat. This offer is in effect until October 31.

If you’re traveling from afar, you may wish to consider making the Wholebody Focusing Retreat the centerpiece of a longer vacation. Vancouver Island offers incredible opportunities for wilderness adventures and immersion in First Nations cultures and art – not to mention culinary and wine-tasting explorations.

We hope you will join us – please register now at the early-bird rate (tinyurl.com/2020-wbf-retreat).

With care, Melinda Darer for the organizing committee (Ana Simeon, Barbara Fotta and Joya D’Cruz) melinda@focusing.org (845)-304-5616.


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