Holding Both with Equal Positive Regard!

Holding Both with Equal Positive Regard is the essence of Wholebody Focusing.  It is here that the most benefit will be experienced.  Kevin explains how “holding both” can be supportive of your body’s sense of the next positive or negative event that you will be experiencing.  He also shares his experience of being in grounded … Continue reading Holding Both with Equal Positive Regard!

The Arm Raising Exercise

The Arm Raising exercise is something I created.  It helps me move forward when a desire to do something is stopped by an equally powerful feeling of “I mustn’t”.  There is always something in me that needs to take control of life at all costs.  When I desire something there is an equal desire to … Continue reading The Arm Raising Exercise

Find Your Favorite Intunements!

For those who would like to use the Audio Guiding Suggestions/Intunements that Kevin has provided to the blog for their practice,  here is an easy way to find them on the blog.  Below you will find an index of the three albums of intunements that are available.  The three albums have different themes: First Intunements is … Continue reading Find Your Favorite Intunements!

Site Map

wholebodyfocusing.blog HTML Site Map Last updated: 2019, February 18 Total pages: 378 wholebodyfocusing.blog Homepage / 15 pages Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing Blog – “When a part of me is able to feel loved, it awakens to its own healing!” Search Results for “The Felt Sense of What Feels Alive and the More that Emerges from … Continue reading Site Map


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The “Me Here” Series of Training Conversations

In August of 2018, Addie van der Kooy, Kevin McEvenue and I met to discuss what is new in Wholebody Focusing.  Addie and Kevin collaborated on FOCUSING WITH THE WHOLE BODY: A CD-integrated Focusing Learning Program that was published in October 2006.  We wanted to bring together the two people responsible for this extraordinary learning … Continue reading The “Me Here” Series of Training Conversations

Wholebody Focusing Trainers Corner

We have created this new area in the blog called “The Wholebody Focusing Trainer Corner” so that information about teaching Wholebody Focusing can be shared and discussed. One should consider the Intunements as part of this training material; however, it will continue to have a separate section on the blog because it serves individual practice as well.