Asking for Help!

Photo Credit: Michael Lux Bjørnefjorden Norway When the despair gets into me and the helplessness and stuckness set in I have often found myself searching outside of me for help. This plea from inside that screams ‘help me, help me’ is often looking outside for the answer. As I write that I smile and realize … Continue reading Asking for Help!

Find Your Favorite Intunements!

For those who would like to use the Audio Guiding Suggestions/Intunements that Kevin has provided to the blog for their practice,  here is an easy way to find them on the blog.  Below you will find an index of the three albums of intunements that are available.  The three albums have different themes: First Intunements is … Continue reading Find Your Favorite Intunements!

Finding a Safe Structure to Experience Life Fully Inside Me as Me!

Kevin begins by asking us to “find ourselves once again together.”  It is a most luxurious invitation to take the time to explore who I am separate from all the normal static that is part of my life.  To be with Me,  I make room for the life in “what wants to be heard” and … Continue reading Finding a Safe Structure to Experience Life Fully Inside Me as Me!

Brave enough? / Uskallanko?

Photo credit: Maria Hakasalo BRAVE ENOUGH? My hands Stretched out far away from my body sad and lonely Overloaded Asking, do I suffice, am I good enough My feet Marching Every step hearing a drum cadence repeating Lazybones Lazybones Lazybones I will show you I am not a lazybones! I’ll do and do and do!!! … Continue reading Brave enough? / Uskallanko?