A New Way to be with Pain

I like this intunement. It was recorded several months ago and as I just listened to it now, I noticed that a change of direction happened that will probably be explored more deeply. As participants become more comfortable with the invitation to notice “What is alive here?” or “How am I right now?” they will … Continue reading A New Way to be with Pain

Find Your Favorite Intunements!

For those who would like to use the Audio Guiding Suggestions/Intunements that Kevin has provided to the blog for their practice,  here is an easy way to find them on the blog.  Below you will find an index of the three albums of intunements that are available.  The three albums have different themes: First Intunements is … Continue reading Find Your Favorite Intunements!

Site Map

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The Felt Sense of What Feels Alive and the More that Emerges from that Alive

What does it mean to accept ourselves in a deep and true way?  As we move forward in our daily Wholebody Focusing practice our sense of aliveness emerges in a stronger and more clear way.  This may feel uncomfortable.  It may show up as pain or an unraveling of our own ways of ignoring what … Continue reading The Felt Sense of What Feels Alive and the More that Emerges from that Alive

Me & Planet Earth That Sustains Me & More

Out of nothing, something new emerges.  Kevin connects us to one of his influences, Pierre de Chardin, who believed that we have a role to play in the expanding universe.  We are a part of planet Earth and it sustains life–even our lives.  We can sense into the laws of gravity, for example, that help … Continue reading Me & Planet Earth That Sustains Me & More

This Hurts!

Photo Credit: AdobeStock The Wholebody Focusing  Blog  seems to have expanded and has become more inclusive as it awakens the stories of other participants who share experiences of themselves so powerfully. Several stories have touched me deeply as they further validate my own story of myself. In fact, there have been surprising expanded new directions … Continue reading This Hurts!