The Basic Elements of Wholebody Focusing and the Not Knowing

In this intunement Kevin reflects on the overall purpose of Wholebody Focusing – the embodied experience of “Being Me” – and how this experience can only be sustained and deepened through practice, like an inner muscle that will strengthen through exercise.

After briefly re-visiting the various elements in the WBF journey, Kevin highlights the practice of “open detachment” – a complete stepping back from any need to know and understand what is happening, so that you can be truly open and available to what wants to emerge from a deeper wisdom inside you.

Kevin’s reflections feel like a rich, sensitive exploration in the challenging practice of “open detachment”; at its heart is a radical reframing of the discomfort that usually comes with Not Knowing. It is a leap of faith but it is a safe one! Resting in the grounded aliveness of “Being Me”, you CAN be ok with the discomfort of Not Knowing and CAN let that discomfort be part of opening yourself to what wants to come from a deeper/larger knowing within.

As a Foot Note: This practice requires humility – a willingness to surrender any notion that you know how your experience should be. What came to me when listening to this intunement was a sense of trust in a larger process that wants to move you forward in

Addie van der Kooy, October 1, 2018.

See van der Kooy and Clegg’s webinar offering at

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