Explore the Power of Listening Silently to the Alive, a Force, in side of all of us!

When Kevin started speaking I noticed my spine.  It immediately become aware of itself.  First there was an awareness of how each part related to the part adjacent and then there was a sensation of the wholeness of my spine. It was effortless to be with this wholeness.  Some movement came and the awareness of the wholeness of my spine was still there.  It was satisfying and it was enough.

Diana Scalera




5 thoughts on “Explore the Power of Listening Silently to the Alive, a Force, in side of all of us!”

  1. Thank you for this Kevin,

    I really liked how you said at the beginning I need to find you there before I can find me here. That makes sense to me it’s like going in to find me here is too much too close like ‘how are you today’ feels. Then I remembered how hard it is to find a you there without a me here. It feels like a balancing act one a really top level difficult one that needs much more practice for me.

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    1. Dear Gabe, your experience of finding me here all on your own can really get in the way of just doing that like you suggested. It is too close up, there isn’t the right distance between a sense of you and what is going on there in you. When people would ask me “how are you Kevin” what comes in me because a complete blank. I have actually closed down completely. I freeze. I need to find a distance in some what, like feeling a physical presence of something else that I can hold on to, first. Then I can feel a sense of me coming through. Maybe just some breathing room. Kevin


      1. Dear Kevin,

        I liked your story of freezing inside and something too close it helped me to gain more knowing of my own freezing and also my too openness and vulnerability.

        So when I take as much time as it needs to find me here connected to something outside of me, something I can trust, like the chair – then maybe I can find you there. Not a letting go of my safety of the chair here and jumping right over to you leaving myself open and vulnerable and way too easily to hurt. But a delicate and tentative checking if it’s okay like a peeking out from behind a rock knowing that it takes a lot of time to let someone in. And a ‘holding both,’ both the safety of the chair and the possibility of finding a you there. Then when and if I find a you there I must also keep hold of my safe base my something outside of me like my chair. I can’t let that go and the good thing is that even if I forget about it, it is still there – I can find it again – kicking and screaming it will still be there!
        A balancing act to practice.


  2. Thank you Kevin. I know you are not physically present as I listen to this recording but you are very much with me. I can sense that I allow the table, chair, floor to support me – I don’t need to hold myself away from them. There is a feeling of a hum and a very soft wave – peace, quiet, calm. My body is at ease and I am present to the air going in my nose and down my throat, the rise and fall of my chest and even the fine movement of my lips with the breath. Such peace to spend this time with you. From this place of peace, I can be with myself in all my dimensions and feel your voice resonating Ah, this is Kevin and I am grateful.Thank you!! Kit


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