Being Ourselves

Bruna Blandino and Rosa Catoio, two Italian Wholebody focusers, met to discuss how Wholebody focusing and Heartfelt Conversation has changed their lives.  Rather than being who society and their families want them to be, Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Conversation has given them a mechanism to live more fully in their own truth.  Watch their video to hear how this has come about.

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Author: Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at

4 thoughts on “Being Ourselves”

  1. It’s beautiful! Every time I watch this video – and trust me I’ve seen it many times! – I am taken by it. Something in me feels excitement and it definitely has something to do with Bruna & Rosa engaging in a Heartfelt Conversation in my mother tongue. In all my years of practicing WBF, I have never experienced this way of being in Italian. My original cells are happy! Thank you to Bruna & Rosa for sharing themselves; thank you to Michael for fine tuning the English and to you Diana for putting all of this together. A WBF heartfelt collaboration!

  2. Watching the video I start thinking: “I should have also said this and this…equally important”.
    However, what was said was not only coming from the mind. Nothing was prepared in advance and what came was from the heart and a lot of the information came also from the “WE SPACE” that was created by the four of us: Bruna and myself, but also Diana and Patricia.
    Therefore what we expressed, in a way, was thanks to the grounded presence of the four of us. The Presence permitted us to be more authentically ourselves.
    Thanks to everyone for the translation.

  3. Thank you, Bruna and Rosa, for sharing your experiences of WBF, I resonated with much of it, even though Italian is not my mother tongue, but I know about finding myself, about no longer simply being what is expected of me, I know about listening with the whole body, my whole-being, and about the power of the shared space. Thank you, Bruna, Rosa, Patricia, Diana, and Michael….for all you have done to bring this to fruition!

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