It’s For This


I want to know.
To experience
Not just to know about

To sit in the
silent hum of my being
To sit in the
silent hum of that
Transcendent Being
The One I choose to call

That’s what’s needed
that’s what’s important
to me

I don’t want to settle for less
for writing a beautiful piece
for creating an amazing painting
or sculpture
or for giving something needed to another
All those are Good
But not enough—for me

It is for This
that I seek grounded presence

It is for this
that I allow my whole body
to discover what’s there
through inner-directed movement

It is for This
that I hold-both, or
hold all that comes

It’s for this
that I sit in not-knowing
not rushing to an explanation
not rushing to a solution

It’s for this
that I allow the
More to come

Not so that I can
‘teach’ it
—and what is that It,
that I could hope to Share?

This practice
is my set of skis
to move toward It:
the grounded presence,
the inner-directed movement
the holding-both
the not-knowing
the letting-come
of the more

These are the skis
that will take me
—not down
—not up
but out
into that Greater Place

It is for
that I stand here now
that I write this now
It is for



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2 thoughts on “It’s For This”

  1. So so so delicious – hearing your voice- I want to savour this so I can come back and back to explore all the ways in which this speaks to me – thank you

  2. Thank you, Kit. It means a lot to know that others might be interested in this topic, which means so much to me. I want to continue to explore all the ways in which this speaks to me as well.

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