What does my body need now?

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 15
Being with the pain
That is trauma residue
Takes grounding and love.

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Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 21
When upset, I ask
What does my body need now?
Then I notice me.

Frequently writing Haiku about my WBF discoveries not only helps me document what is emerging but also helps me to sustain the new healing.

As I was preparing for bed a few weeks ago, I noticed that I felt defeated. There were so many challenges that made me anxious and fearful that I wondered if it were useless to try to sleep. My husband and I have been experiencing serious health problems for the last year and a half and it feels exhausting to be in this place.

The words “what does my body need now?” came to me. I thought I would give it a try.  As a got into bed, I felt into my body as I asked this question. My hands moved. They landed crossed, on my upper chest with my hands near my shoulders. It felt so comfortable and comforting. The next thing I remembered is that I woke up at 6:00 AM. I had slept through the night and my hands were still in this position. It was as if I had given myself a seven hour Reiki treatment.

In the days following, I noticed a shift. When a situation arose, I didn’t have to “check” in with my body what it needed. The answer was just there.

“Did I want to work on taxes right now?”

“No! I needed to finish my film project.”

“Did I want to be part of a committee to make important decisions?”

“No! I just wanted to play.”

“Could I take on a new responsibility?”

“No! I had to organize myself to be with the responsibilities that were already there.”

I am noticing ME as my first reaction to a situation. It is coming from my body and out my mouth before I can get a chance to filter it. In the past, when someone wanted me to do something, I would usually say yes first and think about it later. That caused a lot of stress because, while I may come to know how I really feel about something later, I would never want to renege on my agreement to take on a responsibility.

Old feelings emerged. Was I being selfish? Would this new assertion of my needs alienate people?  These are the same feelings that lead me to say yes to most of what people asked of me, however, now I was having them after I declined to do the whatever was asked of me. I had the opportunity to see in real time what the result was of my going with what my body needed. Sometimes people were surprised. Sometimes they were amused. Sometimes they agreed that I needed to take care of myself. No one has disowned me or started to not return my calls. And, I felt less stress and anxiety because I was doing what my body needed rather than what others might want of me.

Writing about what comes for us in any format supports our WBF work by continuing the healing that is already in progress. I encourage all who read this blog to share their own experiences with shifts and new ways of living. You can do this as a contributor to the blog.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 15                 
Being with the pain
That is trauma residue
Takes grounding and love.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 16                   
When there are stressors
Allowing movement steadies
The nervous system

Wholebody Haiku # 17                                      
When progress is made
New shifts need to be noticed
So that they can stay

Wholebody Haiku # 18                                     
When good things happen
I hold space for all that comes
With an open heart

Wholebody Focusing # 19                                
When challenges pop
And there is nowhere to go
Go inside and move!

Wholebody Focusing # 20                                
What does my heart need?
Slowing down to listen now
This is new to me

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 21                                    
When upset, I ask
What does my body need now?
Then I notice me

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Author: Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at wbf285@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “What does my body need now?”

  1. So much you are sharing here I so resonate with, like a “me too” kind of response and how I value how our bodies know how to space when we have time to listen. Like “what is next” and then wait rather what must I do next or what is expected of me here.

    What is new to say is my own story of always saying”yes’ regardless of being asked of anything and then I wonder why and they wonder why, when I have no intention of following through? What is behind it? Not that complicated, I just want a way to pause and have some space to see what I want to do, and this is a very confusing way to express it before I decide the next step. It really isn’t what I mean at all, so maybe I could just say that!


  2. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for this great question: What does my body need now?” I plan to ask it, often.

    I did once, already, and was surprised at the strong body response that came, a relaxing of something. A happy-to-hear-it.

    And Kevin’s question, What is next? instead of “what must I do, “ or “what is expected of me” strikes me as very related to your question.

    What is next—it seems to me that it implies it’s not purely up to me as decision-maker, nor up to someone else as my ‘boss,’ but acknowledges that there’s something beyond us that we can tune-in to, what we can call “body wisdom” or “larger self”……

    What is next? It’s an expression of curiosity and openness to a whole bunch of good possibilities.

    I’m asking myself now: What is next? I’m sitting here, at my computer, it’s 10:17pm on a Friday night, I’m sitting with that question……and I feel a lot of relaxing and quietening….and the your question, Diana, comes out of the silence to me there: What does my body need?…… and the answer comes….and it involves a hot cup of Red Clover-Chamomile tea and pajamas.

    With thanks from your friend who feels her feet,

  3. Dear Diana
    I took the opportunity to practice this wonderful suggestion only last night with amazing results. I am suffering from a deep infection in my foot and the foot would not settle down. It was throbbing non stop, enough to keep me awake. I asked my body what does it need right now for itself? I could feel the ankle beginning to relax and the next moment is was 4 hours later! Thank you Kevin

  4. Dear Diana

    I made a short replay to you of using your suggesting during a troubled sleep. When I was asked for my information I eliminated the email 2014 address and left only the gmail address. I am curious if that worked. I followed your instruction to replay and then asked for profile information at there were three parts mcevenue@gmail.com and then my name I think, and then the other address that has to do with wordpress address

    Please let me know if this works. I will also reply to Elizabeth’s audio which I loved. Just a short note toes if it actually is working.


    Kevin McEvenue mcevenue@gmail.com http://www.wholebodyfocusing.com


  5. This is wonderful to hear. I’m sensing that when your ankle relaxed, the blood flow to your foot increased. The throbbing not only subsided but you body knew it was safe to go to sleep. What you are saying seems to be that not only can Wholebody Focusing help us with emotional issues but also can be very instrumental in healing physical elements as well. We only need to be present to what is there, support our bodies in becoming aware of themselves and then “sit back” and welcome and observe what happens.

    Not only am I thrilled that impact of “What does my body need now?” is reproducible, but also that you had some comfort last night.


  6. Thanks Diana, this interchange feels like mutual support that often happens and I don’t know who to ask or what to do. Naturally underneath the throbbing pain I want to be assured that this pain can be expected. Sharing as you did gave me something I could play with immediately in the middle of the night,
    And then again something you said as a response reminded me that at one point in the night the whole situation of the healing process was being activated by the body as a whole but much more gently as the pain is carried through the whole of the body and not just the foot. I like that, the knowing of how that too can work, that kind of participation of the whole of the body wisdom here. Kevin

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